Accept online card payments. We also offer card payment machines for direct collections


Receive payments online from your customers. With our solution we offer a safe and secure solution to receive payments from customers. We can even receive lay-byes through our technology.


Account Verification Service allows corporate or business users to verify the details of the account holder at any participating banks. Verifying account information assists clients in reducing unnecessary costs associated with payments and collections. The service does so, by verifying information provided by the account holder, to ensure correct details were furnished. Upon verification, the user can decide to continue processing financial transactions to accounts.

Benefits and product features

Save on your card processing fees


Payment Gateway

A payment gateway as a merchant service that processes credit card payments for e-commerce sites and traditional brick and mortar stores. Popular payment gateways include PayPal/Braintree, Stripe, and Square and of course Domino Pay. Our own solution for receiving online payments. Our payment gateway offers the latest technology to ensure your payments are receive safe and securely. Abandoned carts are a major concern for any eCommerce store and are largely due to customers feeling lost or unsafe. Our gateway is super easy to use and completely secure giving clients comfort when making payment.

Domino Pay goes beyond the standard address verification and CVV check. At Domino Pay, we uphold standards that every transaction must pass through in order to be completed. We make sure that your business is safe so you can focus on what’s important – growing your business.

Our card fees are the best offered in South Africa. At a low of 2.5% we are unbeatable. This means you make more bottom line profit by changing your service provider.

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